2023 Property Tax Assessments

There has been a lot of buzz surrounding the recent property tax assessments and corresponding tax increases. We understand you have concerns and questions about the assessment, appeals process and how it will affect you personally.  As a valued client of CO Home Base, we want to provide you with information as well as the opportunity to have a one on one conversation about your home. We have blocked THIS FRIDAY June 2nd, for short phone calls all day to answer your questions. Schedule your time slot at the bottom of this page and share the link with anyone who might have questions as well.


Should I appeal?

If you feel as though your appraisal value is higher than it should be, then yes, file an appeal! If you are unsure if the value is too high, begin by pulling comparable sales within your neighborhood from July 1, 2020 to June 30, 2022.

How do I find comparable sales?

Your county assessment website will have a search portal to find homes that have sold. You may also use websites such as Zillow or ask your CO Home Base team to assist.

Is an appeal worth it?

Yes! Taxes across the board have increased due to historic home value increases. The assessment values are computer generated and will directly affect your monthly mortgage payment. Local county assessors are anticipating high volumes of appeals.

Will someone have to come to my home to do an appraisal?

No, not unless there has been an egregious error or you request a site visit. The appeals process is done virtually, but based upon information only you can provide.

Will my assessment go up if I appeal?

No. The only way your assessment would increase is if an extreme database error is discovered such as an addition to your home that adds 1,000 sq. feet.

Does my appraisal mean I can sell my home for that value?

Not necessarily. Appraisal values for this tax period are being generated from the date June 30, 2022. This was the height of the real estate boom in the Denver area. Although the value may be close, it is not a guarantee that is what your home would sell for today.

Is this actually going to happen and will I have to pay?

Yes. Although legislation is being considered by various parties and levels of government, property values in Colorado have risen significantly over the last few years and taxes will reflect those increases eventually.

Can you do this for me?

Yes actually! However, you will need to complete an agent authorization form through your county assessor. The Douglas County form is linked here.

Information to Know

Date of Appraisal

Appraisal values are computer generated and are only applicable to your home’s value during the time period July 1, 2020 to June 30, 2022. The value is what the county has assessed your home’s value to be on June 30 2022.

Home's Features

Appraisal values are based on sales during this time period with more weight given to sales closer to June 30, 2022 (the height of the real estate market in the Denver area) but do not take into account your home’s specific attributes such as updates, views, location, condition, etc.

New Sales

Sales after July 1, 2022 cannot be used as comparable sales.

Appeal Process

Appeals can be done in 3 ways: online through the county website, by sending your tax protest form back to the assessor with the appropriate boxes checked or in person.

The protest form is a perforated section on your assessment value card.


JUNE 8th is the LAST day to do an appeal!

Have more questions?

Schedule a 15 minute phone call for this Friday, June 2nd.

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