While the internet has changed the landscape of how properties are advertised, there is more than an online presence and a sign in the yard.

Precise Asking Price
Thanks to our in-depth statistics and our experience in the local market, we can help you pick a listing price that will attract the ideal buyer in the shortest amount of time. Although we can always lower a high asking price, time is money and the longer a property is on the market the weaker it looks to agents and buyers. Through all our experience with the ups and downs of the market, we can pinpoint an amount that will get the best the market has to offer.

Promoting and Marketing Your Property
From arranging showings to executing broad market exposure, we can coordinate all of the efforts that combine to help your listing stand out from the crowd. In addition to putting your listing in front of buyers already actively looking for properties in your area, we also broadcast the listing throughout the region and country.

If you are interested in selling your property, we can feature your property on www.cohomebase.com and other popular sites, where you can reach out to thousands of buyers who are interested in buying property.

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